Computer Intelligence equals that of a lesser house fly: Telecommunication in need of a new artificial intelligence concep

In order to achieve a tangible cutting edge in the telecommunications sector, a new appreciation and overhauled concept of artificial intelligence is called for. This is the viewpoint expressed by Lars Thomsen, trend researcher at the Agency Future Matters http://www.future-matters.com. Only when appliances can boost a notably enhanced intelligence will system leaps become a feasible reality. At the moment we are still in the infancy stage of such a process“, explains Thomsen. At present the intelligence level of a computer equals that of a common house fly. Within about five years it would be realistic to assume that one has reached the intelligence level of a dog and it would take a further ten years to come up to the intelligence level of a human being. “At that time both storage/memory and bandwidth will be moving in spheres that by today´s standards is still far beyond imagination – approximately 200,000 times more efficient than today. The access to the internet will then be as ubiquitously second to nature as electricity is today. And what is more we will be in a position to delegate the great bulk of organizational tasks to Personal Assistants, thereby gaining more time to concentrate on the more pressing issues“, Thomsen expounds. 

For the television programmes this vision has already become reality. One good example to this end is the software “TV Digital Personal“ which has the capacity of connecting personalized TV-Channels based on the conventional television programme with all the internet offerings available. The programme will be generated automatically and will reflect the individual preferences and respective attitudes and behavioural patterns of the TV-viewer. “My prognosis is that all industries, whose corporate processes can be presented on the internet and all kinds of everyday life situations, in which internet-based appliances are being employed, will be governed by electronical assistants. When all appliances surrounding us will be equipped with permanent internet connections, ranging from the Intercity Express seats via motorcars, mobile phones, living room television sets, child´s beds right through to the briefcase, from that moment on at the very latest will each and everyone of us have a small intelligent assistant ready for personal use“, confirms Sven Gábor Jánszky of forward2Business-Trend Office http://www.forward2business.com. 

“Within the scope of ten years most of the service requests via voice entry will be dealt with in just one sentence“, predicts speech dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge http://www.semanticedge.de in Berlin: The future scenario would then present itself as follows: “SMS to Anne: My flight is delayed and I will not arrive until 21:00 hrs.“. And the SMS will be forwarded immediately. “Please reserve me a seat on the next train to Berlin.“ The back end systems of the Personal Assistant will then make the online-reservation and send a SMS detailling the respective connection times, the booked seat number as well as a reservation code. Yet another example: “I still need three litres of milk, three pieces of butter as well as a pumpkin seed bread“ and the retailer at the corner shop schedules the goods to be picked up or alternatively delivers the goods to the home address. With the Personal Assistant each customer has the opportunity to compilate the individual services he himself wishes to use. For the companies it will be vital to adjust to this trend by having a presence in the personalized compilation of the respective services“, predicts Pape. 


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