OECD-Studie über Männer-Kartelle in Unternehmen – Spannendes Projekt! @haucap

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Cooles Projekt.

The fight for gender equality is one of the defining challenges of our age. While progress has been made in many areas, the relationship between gender and competition policy remains largely unexplored. Competition policy usually thinks in terms of consumers and firms, government and regulators. Traditionally, consumers have been considered only by their willingness to pay, their (rational) preferences, their ability to substitute between products offered by firms. Meanwhile, firms are treated as entities that are defined by the profit-maximising objectives of their owners, and only rarely seen as collections of people. Competition policy is therefore largely gender blind and prides itself on its objectivity. However, in 2018, the OECD began to explore whether a gender lens might in fact help deliver a more effective competition policy by identifying additional relevant features of the market, and of the behaviour of consumers and firms, as well as whether a more effective competition policy can help address gender inequality. The OECD Gender Inclusive Competition Policy project has been launched with the support of the Canadian Government and in particular the Canadian Competition Bureau to develop guidance for competition agencies in this area.

Siehe auch den OECD-Workshop am 25. Februar.

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