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Some interesting facts out of SiriusDecisions “2015 B-to-B Buyer Study”. The buyer journey seems still to be a combination of Sales and Marketing touches. :

B2B buyers interact with sales representatives at every stage of the buyer’s journey, the research firm reported after it surveyed 1,000 B2B executives.

“Although we knew human interactions were still an integral part of the buyer’s journey I was surprised to see that the split between human and non-human interactions is almost equal at every decision phase, even in an Independent Buying Scenario where the price point is lower,” Jennifer Ross, senior research director at SiriusDecisions, …

Think B2B sales representatives roles have declined in the age of digital buying behaviors? Not quite, researchers found. Key findings include:

  • More than half the time, sales representative involvement starts at the beginning of the buyer’s journey
  • The highest level of reported buyer/seller interaction for all buying scenarios occurred…

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