[EN] Care about getting access to them anytime, anywhere, from any device


Waiting for the intelligent personal assistant to get work done more easy. Waiting for the intelligent personal assistant to get work done more easy.

Some interesting statements out of an interview with  Alan Lepofsky, vice president and principal analyst, collaboration software at Constellation Research.

The problem is not so much the amount of information coming at us, but rather the spread of information across so many different input sources. We have email, chat, text, social media, phone calls, personal conversations — the list goes on and on. What we need are ways to organize and prioritize the information that is available to us.

The way we will do that is via a combination of manual practices and digitally assisted recommendations. The next generation of productivity and communications software needs to learn our patterns and preferences and then decide what to show us and when. Those assistants will also make recommendations on what actions to take and in some cases even automate…

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