[EN] Gartner on the New Digital Workplace: Mobile, Apps, Context, Digital Humanists



A series of interesting findings from the recent Gartner Digital Workplace Summit:

Trying to force employees to switch from familiar consumer tools to new enterprise ones doesn’t work. So Gartner predicts “the blurring of the boundaries between personal productivity applications, content repositories, portals and collaboration.” …

… A new BYOA (bring your own app) movement is thriving: become part of the movement. Balance security concerns with employees’ productivity needs. …

… Modern IT workers need to change their traditional focus as digital machinists — people who concentrate on work processes, product features and coordinating tasks and activities — to become digital humanists — people who concentrate on work behavior, contextual relevance, volitional participation and experiences that create business value.

… the workplace will shift from a web-centric world to an app-centric world.

In this app-centric world, the following four types of apps will be used to increase productivity:

  • business productivity —…

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