Goodbye To Google Maps With Street View, Hello To Apple’s New Maps With 3D Flyovers


Outside of search, the closest tie between Apple and Google so far was the deep integration of Google Maps in Apple’s products. That radically changed today, though it’s worth noting that the announcement was one of Apple’s worst kept secrets. Now, Apple will now offer its own mapping service on iOS, opening up a new front in its competition with Google. The new maps will offer virtually all of the features iOS users have come to expect from the Google Maps-based default app (with one exception) and a slew of new features like spoken turn-by-turn directions and 3D maps for virtual flyovers.

Google did its best to preempt Apple’s announcement today by scheduling a Google Maps-focused press conference last week. There, the company announced its stunning new 3D maps for Android, but failed to announce when it would actually launch this new feature. It’s now more obvious than ever…

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